Add a Minor in Human Physiology

Learning human anatomy and physiology can enhance any major, especially those that deal with movement and the body, such as dance, biology, psychology, communication sciences and disorders, biomedical engineering, public health, and similar fields.

The minor in human physiology will signal to employers and graduate schools that you seek to incorporate health and wellness into your professional and academic path–and will help you stand out among your peers.

Required coursework

One of these:

  • HHP:3500 Human Physiology, 3 semester hours
  • HHP:3550 Human Physiology with Laboratory, 5 semester hours

10-12 semester hours from these:

  • HHP:3105 Anatomy for Human Physiology, 3 semester hours
  • HHP:3110 Advanced Anatomy Laboratory, 2 semester hours
  • HHP:3115 Anatomy for Human Physiology with Lab, 5 semester hours
  • HHP:3300 Human Growth and Motor Development, 3 semester hours
  • HHP:3450 Immunology in Health and Disease, 3 semester hours
  • HHP:4110 Advanced Human Anatomy, Laboratory 4 semester hours
  • HHP:4130 Skeletal Muscle Physiology, 3 semester hours
  • HHP:4150 Clinical Exercise Physiology, 3 semester hours
  • HHP:4250 Human Pathophysiology, 3 semester hours
  • HHP:4260 Respiratory Pathophysiology, 3 semester hours
  • HHP:4300 Sensorimotor Neurophysiology, 3 semester hours
  • HHP:4410 Integrative Physiology of Exercise, 3 semester hours
  • HHP:4440 Physiology of Nutrition, 3 semester hours
  • HHP:4450 Human Genetics and Disease, 3-4 semester hours
  • HHP:4460 Cardiovascular Physiology, 3 semester hours
  • HHP:4470/ASP:4470 Physiology of Aging, 3 semester hours
  • HHP:4490 International Medicine: Experiential Learning, 3 semester hours
  • HHP:4510 Energetics in Health and Disease, 3 semester hours

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