Add a Minor in Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine focuses on therapeutic lifestyle interventions to prevent and treat chronic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Adding the minor in lifestyle medicine to your major will empower you to incorporate evidence-based, whole-person strategies into your work with individuals and communities at risk of chronic disease.

Develop your expertise and build your resume with the minor in lifestyle medicine.

Required coursework

All of these
HHP:2200 Physical Activity and Health 3
HHP:2310 Nutrition and Health 3
HHP:3030 Lifestyle Medicine 3

Two of these:

Two of these
HHP:3045 Physical Activity Psychology 3
HHP:3050 Obesity 3
HHP:3200 Health Behavior and Health Promotion 3
HHP:4010 Behavioral and Clinical Health Assessment Laboratory 4
HHP:4020 Health Coaching 3
HHP:4365 Internship in Health Coaching 3

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