BA Health and Human Physiology (Health Studies track), Summer 2021 - Alumni Spotlight
Monday, July 19, 2021
Jennifer Nguyen portrait

Degree: BA Health and Human Physiology (Health Studies track)

Year: Summer 2021

The HHP curricula has greatly prepared me for my goals of becoming a health care professional by helping me gain knowledge in cultural competency, policies, and health and wellness. I gained many skills from my favorite courses such as: Writing for Health and Human Physiology, Community Wellness Practicum, and Health Services. I accrued didactic knowledge and skills such as: public speaking, writing, graphic design, and health promotion. I am grateful to have had these experiences to help my path of becoming a knowledgeable and efficient healthcare provider. 

My advice for current students is to take courses that boosts your interest and help you gain knowledge to better yourself and others. I believe that building relationships inside and outside of the classroom is so beneficial. Whether it's through a professor, practicum, volunteering, or an extra-curricular, just form a connection. You will find great mentors and friends along the way that help support you and your career goals. Another piece of advice is to not to forget about giving yourself time decompress. Incorporate time with you friends and enjoy Iowa City as much as you can because before you know it, you'll be an Alumni!