BA in Health and Human Physiology (Health Studies), 2021 - Alumni Spotlight
Sunday, July 25, 2021
Sonia Moorjani

Degree: BA in Health and Human Physiology (Health Studies)

Year: May 2021

My name is Sonia Moorjani and I graduated May 2021 with a BA in Health and Human Physiology on the Health Studies track. This summer I am continuing my work in biomedical research with the department of Endocrinology and Metabolism here at the University of Iowa.  This fall, I am heading to Boston to begin my Master’s in Human Physiology on the research track at Boston University! The HHP curriculum has given me the highest quality of education and constant support and resources. Most importantly, the faculty in the HHP department are who really set me up for future success. My professors were some of the most intelligent, kind, and helpful individuals I have ever met, who really invested their time and energy towards my success and worked hard to create an environment in our classes where I felt comfortable and motivated to learn.

While I enjoyed every course in the curriculum, my favorite courses have been Immunology, Pathophysiology, and Anatomy. An important piece of advice I have for current students is to prioritize your mental health, especially when school starts to feel overwhelming. In order to really give it your all in your schoolwork, you need to be keeping yourself healthy and happy outside of class too! I would also recommend talking to your professors as much as you can while completing your degree. They have had all sorts of experiences and different jobs prior to, and in addition to, teaching, which creates a wealth of knowledge that could inspire and better direct you on your own career path.