BA in Health and Human Physiology (May 2019) - Alumni Spotlight
Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Zoe Horak

Degree: BA in Health and Human Physiology

Year: May 2019

After graduating in May 2019, I immediately entered a graduate program in Fall 2019 at the University of Iowa College of Public Health to pursue my Master's in Health Administration. I had taken many courses throughout my undergrad that I felt prepared me well for the public health world and felt especially educated on social determinants of health.  I graduated in 2021 with my MHA and entered an Administrative Fellowship with UI Physicians Group, a branch of UI Health Care. I felt very prepared entering my fellowship based on connections I had made throughout undergrad and grad school. I am now working at UnityPoint Health as a Clinic Administrator for a new clinic opening summer 2022. 

My advice for current students is to advocate for yourself and network as much as possible. I think a true talent is being able to apply skills you have gained from one experience and utilize them in another. I really utilized that mindset since I had spent all of undergrad in research labs, I was often asked why I wanted to enter the healthcare world. If you truly took advantage of your experiences, at least one thing can be transferred - for me, I found a lot of applicability with public speaking, data analysis, and best practices research. You will also never feel you have wasted time when you network - those relationships pay off substantially in future years if you are genuine and keep connections. I learned a lot throughout my time at Iowa and I can't thank my professors enough for helping me be successful - Go Hawks!