BA Health and Human Physiology (Health Studies), 2021 - Alumni Spotlight
Saturday, June 25, 2022
Sheyanne Koethe

Degree: BA Health and Human Physiology (Health Studies)

Year: May 2021

I graduated in May 2021, and I am currently working at UIHC IRL as a Clinic Services Specialist.  I will be applying for my MHA later this year which will start in the Fall of '22.  My favorite courses in my degree program were Health Services, Health Communication & Coaching, and Health Behavior & Health Promotion.  My advice for current students is to embrace your classes as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than a required course load. You will take a lot more out of the classes and have a lot more fun with the material. I would also recommend finding experiential learning opportunities that are relevant to your career aspirations and interests so you can better prepare and see yourself in those settings.

The HHP curricula helped me gain a large-scale perspective on matters of health which in turn have helped me see how health is impacted on individual, organizational, communal, and societal levels. With this understanding, I will better be able to perform my role as a health administrator and analyze the potential health impact of decisions and policies made within a hospital setting.