Gina Schatteman

Associate Professor Emeritus

Courses taught

  • 27:130 Human Physiology
  • 27:146 Molecules to Malady
  • 27:241 Integrative Physiology Seminar

Research interests

In healthy individuals stem cells in the body normally home to sites of injury and secrete factors that promote healing. Unfortunately, stem cells from older (especially older diabetic) people only weakly stimulate healing. Dr. Schatteman and her colleagues found that stem cell from diabetic mice secrete low levels of a particular factor (MCP-1) that is essential for stem cell mediated healing. Currently she is investigating how this happens with the ultimate goal of identifying therapies that can prevent or repair stem cell dysfunction in older and diabetic patients. This work is funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Recent publications

Tomanek RT, Christensen LP, Simons M, Murakami M, Zheng W and Schatteman GC (2010) Embryonic coronary vasculogenesis and angiogenesis are regulated by interactions between multiple FGFs and VEGF and are influenced by mesenchymal cells. Devel. Dynamics in press.

Schatteman G.C., Awad O., Nau E., Wang C., Jiao C., Tomanek R.J., Dunnwald M. (2010) Lin- cells mediate tissue repair by regulating MCP-1/CCL-2. Am J Pathol: 177:2002-10.

Wang, C., Seifert, R.A., Bowen-Pope, D., Kregel, K.C., Dunnwald, M., G.C. Schatteman (2010) Diabetes and aging alter bone marrow contributions to tissue maintenance. Int. J. Physiol Pathophysiol Pharmacol 2:20-28.

Schatteman, G.C., Dunnwald, M., and Jiao, C. (2007) Biology of bone marrow-derived endothelial cell precursors. Am J Physiol Heart Circ 292:H1-H18.

Awad O, Dedkov EI, Jiao C, Bloomer S, Tomanek RJ, and G.C. Schatteman . (2006) Differential healing activities of CD34+ and CD14+ endothelial cell progenitors. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol., 26:758-764.

Schatteman, GC and Ma N (2006) Old bone marrow cells inhibit skin wound vascularization. Stem Cells 24: 717-21.
Jiao C, Fricker S and Schatteman, GC (2006) The chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 4 inhibitor AMD3100 accelerates blood flow restoration in diabetic mice. Diabetologia 49: 2786-9.

Current grant funding

NIH RO1: DK55965 Bone Marrow-Derived Cell Based Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes (role: PI; 1999-2013)

Gina Schatteman
PhD, Chemistry–Emphasis in Physical Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University