Kevin Kregel

Executive Vice President and Provost

Postdoctoral training

NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship: University of Arizona (Tucson, Ariz.)

Fellowship and affiliations

  • Virtual Soldier Research Program (UI Center for Computer-Aided Design, College of Engineering;
  • Free Radical & Radiation Biology Program (UI Department of Radiation Oncology, Carver College of Medicine;
  • Fellow, American Physiological Society (Inaugural Class)

Courses taught

  • 027:130 Human Physiology
  • 027:141 Exercise Physiology
  • 027:148 Physiology of Aging
  • 027:241 Integrative Physiology Seminar
  • 050:240 Mechanisms of Human Disease (Carver College of Medicine)

Educational/research interests

  1. Elucidation of cardiovascular, thermoregulatory, and metabolic mechanisms by which an organism copes with various stresses (e.g., exercise, heat, hypoxia).
  2. Factors impacting the changes in stress tolerance (e.g., stress proteins, oxidative stress, metabolic dysfunction) aging, diseased, and healthy young systems.
  3. Integration of human physiological testing with physics-based digital human modeling and simulation tools for the development of predictive models for enhanced performance and injury prevention.

Professional activities

Recent publications

  • Peterson AR, Smoot K, Erickson JL, Mathiasen, RE, Kregel KC, and Hall MM.  Basic recovery aids: What’s the evidence. Current Sports Medicine Reports 14:227-234, 2015
  • Bloomer SA, Kregel KC, and Brown KE.  Heat stress stimulates hepcidin mRNA expression and C/EBPα protein expression in aged rodent liver. Arch Gerontol Geriatr 58:145-52, 2014
  • Bloomer SA, Han O, Kregel KC, and Brown KE.  Altered expression of iron regulatory proteins with aging is associated with transient hepatic iron accumulation after environmental heat stress.  Blood Cells Mol Dis 52:19-26, 2014
  • Smoot MK, Amendola A, Cramer E, Doyle C, Kregel KC, Chiang HY, Cavanaugh JE, and Herwaldt LA. A Cluster of Exertional Rhabdomyolysis Affecting a Division I Football Team.  Clin J Sports Med, 23:365-372, 2013
Research areas
  • Human physiology
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University of Iowa
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